Welcome to San Francisco

07 Oct 2014

After a (very) long and adventure-filled road trip, I’m in San Francisco! I’ve been having a great time getting to know the city, meeting new people and spending more time coding.

I’ve been teaching myself AngularJS off and on over the past week or so, and really enjoying it. I’ve mostly been making little sandbox things for myself, but once I’ve built something more useful with it, I’ll post a link here.

I’m even happier to have dipped back into Rails over the weekend. I went to a Women Who Code meetup last Saturday and spent a few hours working on BridgeTroll, RailsBridge’s open-source event management app. I paired up with a more established group member to start building attendance-tracking functionality. We were able to achieve a very rough solution to the problem by the end of the day, and would have had a more sophisticated one except that we ran into trouble trying to convert between ActiveRecord’s DateTime and Ruby’s Time.now. Eventually, we’re hoping to get a lot more granularity - filtering by type of event, day of the week, etc. I’d also really like to add some data visualization, maybe with Chart.js or Highcharts.

I’m typing this on my way back from an Autodesk tech talk, which was, to quote a fellow attendee, “mindblowing.” They’re doing incredible things over there. The section of the talk on augmented reality was the most impressive to me, as well as the fact that they’re making this technology increasingly accessible to individual consumers. It was great to be reminded that tech is so much bigger than just web development: it’s easy to focus on my little corner of the world and forget how much else is going on, and this event really helped me take off my blinkers.

I’ve only been in SF for a few days, but I’ve already learned so much and met some great people. Here’s to more!

Molly Huerster

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