Yosemite Will Mess up PostgreSQL

11 Jan 2015

I finally got around to upgrading to Yosemite over Christmas. For the most part, it’s been working fine. (Embarrassing digression: I was most excited about being able to text non-iPhone numbers from my computer. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to pull out my phone.)

However, after upgrading I had trouble using Postgres. I was getting the following error:

FATAL:  could not open directory "pg_tblspc": No such file or directory.

Fortunately, there’s a quick fix. This StackOverflow post explains that the Yosemite install process removes some of the directories Postgres needs to run correctly. Manually re-creating the directories (including the suggested .keep files) and restarting Postgres solved the problem immediately.

Otherwise, though, Yosemite is great. iCloud is better than ever, and I can text my Android-using dad as much as I want.

Molly Huerster

Published on 11 Jan 2015 Find me on Twitter!

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