About Me

The Basics

  • Software developer (mostly Rails)
  • San Francisco transplant
  • Classics enthusiast

Why I Code

I love languages, and I love making things.

What first intrigued me about coding was its creative element - I still remember how excited I was when my first line of HTML showed up in my browser. Even now, I find it incredibly satisfying to solve a problem in code and get visible, testable results. The process of creating a product in code scratches a creative itch I never realized I had.

I'm even more fascinated by coding as a way of communicating - not only with the computer, but with other developers and eventually with end users. I used to joke that Ruby was a funny-looking language just like Ancient Greek, but code really isn't so different from a spoken language at its core. It has vocabulary, it has grammar, and most importantly, we use it to express meaning. A poet-cum-programmer friend once described coding as "words doing work," a phrase that has stuck in my mind ever since I heard it. Code is performative language at its purest, and I love that I get to work with it every day.

The Backstory

I'm a native New Yorker: I was born in Park Slope (before it was cool), grew up in Westchester (still hasn't gotten cool), and went to high school on the Upper East Side (which got a lot cooler when Gossip Girl came out).

I'm also a recent (2013) graduate of Washington and Lee University, where I majored in Classics and Politics, and studied abroad for a semester at the University of St Andrews.

After graduation, I moved back to the New York area and worked in marketing for a year. I was working for a tech startup and loved the environment, but always felt that I wasn't quite in on the action because I didn't understand how the product was made. I started learning to code, and knew almost immediately that I wanted to do it full time. A year later, that's exactly what I'm doing.

Things are pretty good.

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